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04 March 2008 @ 06:12 pm
The Goddamn Truth (NC-17)  
Wrote this for the femmeslash battle currently underway on lost_femmeslash. Hope you enjoy!


There was that unpleasant truth again. Kate's eyes flicked away, dodging Juliet's intent stare. The twitch of her fingers on the chain was enough of an answer for the Other. Kate opened her mouth, another witty response primed and ready. It was brushed away by sudden warmth, lip on lip, tongue slipping over tongue. Her eyes dropped closed, then snapped open as her thoughts reassembled themselves into a great screaming klaxon. This was not Sawyer. This was not Jack. This wasn't even a man, it was Juliet. This was that stupid truth she'd been dodging, pressing full against her, bearing her backwards to the root-rumpled forest floor. Blonde hair draped in a curtain as the Other moved closer. Body to body now, that alarm was faltering.

The whole fic is here.
Mood: calm
Music: Pokemon Diamond